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All - Cancelled

Transportation for all Zones has been Cancelled today.


All Buses Cancelled

Schools within Zone 1 are:

Bloomsburg PS | Boston PS | Courtland PS | Delhi DSS | Delhi PS | Elgin Avenue PS | GELA(Norfolk) | Holy Trinity Catholic High School | Houghton PS | Lakewood | Langton PS | Lynndale Heights ES | Our Lady of Fatima | Our Lady of LaSalette | Port Rowan PS | Sacred Heart | Simcoe Comp S | St. Bernard of Clairvaux | St. Cecilia's | St. Frances Cabrini | St. Joseph's | St. Michael's (Walsh) | Ste Marie | Teeterville PS | Valley Heights SS | Walsh Public School | Waterford DHS | Waterford Public ES | West Lynn PS

Schools within Zone 2 are:

Anna Melick Memorial | Caledonia Centennial PS | Cayuga SS | Dunnville SS | Fairview Avenue PS | Grandview Central PS | Hagersville ES | Hagersville SS | J L Mitchener PS | Jarvis PS | McKinnon Park SS | Notre Dame (Caledonia) | Oneida Central PS | Rainham Central PS | River Heights E S | Seneca Central PS | St Patrick's | St. Mary's (Hagersville) | St. Michael's | St. Stephen's | Thompson Creek E S | Walpole North E S

Schools within Zone 3 are:

Blessed Sacrament | Burford District ES | Cobblestone ES | Glen Morris Central PS | Holy Family | Mount Pleasant PS | North Ward PS | Oakland-Scotland PS | Onondaga-Brant PS | Paris Central PS | Paris DHS (Sec) | Sacred Heart (Paris) | St George-German PS | St. Anthony Daniel | St. Theresa

Schools within Zone 4 are:

Agnes G Hodge PS | Assumption College School | Banbury Heights PS | Bellview PS | Branlyn PS | Brantford CI & VS | Brier Park PS | Cedarland PS | Centennial-Grand Woodlands S | Central PS | Christ the King | Coronation PS | Dufferin PS | Echo Place PS | Fairview PS | Graham Bell-Victoria PS | Grandview PS | Greenbrier PS | Holy Cross | James Hillier PS | Jean Vanier | King George PS | Lansdowne PS | Major Ballachey PS | North Park C & VS | Notre Dame | Our Lady of Providence | Pauline Johnson C & VS | Prince Charles PS | Princess Elizabeth PS | Resurrection | Russell Reid PS | Ryerson Heights PS | St. Basil | St. Gabriel | St. John's College | St. Leo | St. Mary | St. Patrick | St. Peter | St. Pius | Ste Marguerite | Tollgate Tech | Walter Gretzky | Woodman Drive PS


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